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Ranger 5" Rubber Supersized Men's Overshoes, Black (T469) - Image 1
Ranger 5" Rubber Supersized Men's Overshoes, Black (T469) - Image 2

Ranger 5" Rubber Supersized Men's Overshoes, Black (T469)

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With an oversized design, Ranger 5" Rubber Supersized Men's Overshoes easily slip on over bulky footwear, extending the life of expensive work shoes. Made of ozone-resistant rubber, these men's overshoes are designed to resist cracking and fading, and to maintain their flexibility in cold weather. The rugged ribbed outsole offers additional traction and slip-resistance. Two study fasteners ensure a secure fit, and the smooth fabric liner allows for easy on/off. Completely waterproof, these oversized overshoes are ideal for wear in wet, muddy conditions.

  • Durable, flexible, industrial weight rubber is hand-laid and vulcanized at high heat for 100% waterproof construction; ozone-resistant to prevent cracks and remain flexible in cold weather
  • Oversized design fits over your expensive work footwear to protect it from work hazards and the elements
  • Two sturdy buckles for secure fit; smooth fabric lining for easy on/off
  • Rugged ribbed outsole for added traction
  • Recommended use: general occupational, farming and inclement weather


Product Information

  • Brand: Honeywell
  • Color: Black
  • Minimum Recommended Age:

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